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Which Drape Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

4/6/2021 (Permalink)

Curtain cleaning is often overlooked in our homes, but did you know that cleaning your curtains regularly is good for your health? Here are some drape cleaning mistakes we tend to make.

Despite how the fact that curtains are a common household item, you would be amazed to know that there are many common drape cleaning mistakes that people tend to make. While one group assumes that curtains do not require cleaning in general, another group may be cleaning them the wrong way. Below are some common mistakes to avoid when cleaning your curtains:

Infrequent Cleaning

This is considered the most common mistake that people tend to make because people tend to believe that curtains are resistant to dirt since they are not constantly in use. Some may even wash the curtains on a yearly basis, only as a form of formality.

However, the truth is, curtains should be cleaned regularly because most curtain fabric tend to attract dust and dirt which are not easily visible. This provides germs and other organisms which cause diseases to thrive and may pose as a serious risk for you and your family’s health.

Use of Unsafe Cleaning Products

Although there is a wide range of cleaning products available, not all are safe. When it comes to cleaning curtains, people may not consider how toxic the cleaning products can be. Depending on the material of your curtains, they may react differently to cleaning products. This can cause serious health issues especially for people with respiratory difficulties such as asthma.

Lack of Moisture Control When Dry Cleaning

When people clean their curtains, moisture level may be the last thing on their mind. However, poor moisture control causes a lot of damage to curtains. This could lead to tight creasing or even shrinkage in your curtains. When dry cleaning, understand what level of moisture you need to maintain it at.

Rushed Cleaning

We understand the cleaning your home is no easy task, and you might be hoping to finish all the tasks as quickly as possible. However, doing a rushed cleaning job on your curtains may be damaging to it. They may end up with stains or creases when cleaning it is not carried out properly.

Cleaning Curtains the Same Way Regardless of Fabric

Some may assume that the same cleaning technique applies to all curtains. However, different fabrics require different methods of maintaining their condition and cleaning them. With a lack of understanding, we may inadvertently do more harm than good to our curtains.

Doing It Yourself

Although it may seem easier and more cost-effective to do it yourself, we might be less experienced in working with different fabrics and knowing what techniques or cleaning products work best for our curtains. In this case, working with a professional cleaning company may be the best way to go.

Why Work with SERVPRO?

Equipped with the expertise and equipment required to protect and clean your curtains, SERVPRO of West Somerset County excels in cleaning fine fabrics using suitable cleaning methods. At SERVPRO, we carefully check the fabrics to determine which of our five cleaning methods suit your fabrics the most. If you need your drapes or blinds cleaned, contact us now!

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