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Top Tips For Safe Animal Waste Disposal

4/26/2022 (Permalink)

For pet owners, their pets are part of their family. However, it is just human to loathe picking up after them. Pet waste can be a nuisance but as a responsible pet owner, picking up dropping is part and parcel of caring for a pet. The basic step is to simply pick up after them, but what is the correct procedure to dispose of pet dropping? To ensure you are doing it the right way, here are some animal waste disposal tips that you can follow.

Proper Animal Waste Handling

The first basic step that all pet owners should already be aware of by now is to scoop up your pet’s dropping in either a plastic bag or a biodegradable packaging. The bag then needs to be tightly sealed to remove any air before being placed inside yet another bag before disposing it off in a garbage bin. If you need to handle a high volume of animal waste, you can consult a professional biohazard cleanup specialist who will make use of the proper channel to prevent contamination.

Double Bagging Animal Waste

Not every pet owner actually double bag their pet’s dropping as they regard it as a waste or as extra work. However, it is truly an important step to prevent the dropping from accidentally spilling during handling. Double bagging can also protect the inner bag should it burst when garbage is compacted at the garbage center. This is also the reason why removing as much air as possible before double bagging the inner bag is important as excess air can cause the inner bag to explode.

Flushing Dog Waste

This is the most recommended animal waste disposal option if your home is connected to the local treatment sewage system. Septic tanks are not designed to contain animal waste and waste flushed down the toilet can be washed into the waterways. Bags are also not supposed to be flushed down the toilet as they may cause your toilets to be clogged. For cats, their litter belongs in the garbage as cat litter is made from a material that could damage pipes and septic tanks when it gets mixed with water.

Tackling Odor

For domestic pets that are not toilet-trained, there may be instances whereby they will defecate anywhere around the house. Animal waste emits a strong odor that can be hard to removed, especially on fabric. If you ever have to face such a situation, always seek professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services to get your belongings back into their original condition.

Responsible Pet Owner

Anyone can be a pet owner but not everyone is a responsible pet owner. The tips we have shared in this article can guide you on how to better handle your pet’s dropping. The tips are simple to follow yet they are highly useful in helping you and your pets to co-exist without inflicting harm to the environment. For professional biohazard cleanup or carpet and upholstery cleaning services, seek the professional services of our cleaning and restoration specialists at SERVPRO of Hoboken / Union City. We are available around the clock or for non-emergency cases, we can be reached through an online request.

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