Storm Damage Photo Gallery

The aftermath of a local storm is shown here.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Pictured here is the pile of debris in one of our customer's home after a storm passed through and left its mark. Our crew bagged the debris and sanitized the remaining area. 

Water being extracted from the facility.

Water Damage Removal After Storm

Here we have the in-progress work of our team on the job. There was a serious abundance of water that needed to be removed. Our team installed hoses to suck out all the standing water as you can see here.

Our van posted at the scene of the damage.

On the Job

Here you can see one of our vans in the middle of a job. This job particularly was one that had severe sewer and water damage after a pipe bust post storm. 

Items that need to be discarded are packed away into bags.

Storm Damage Cleanup

This picture here shows how our crew bagged up all of the debris that was in the previous picture. All the garbage is now contained and prevented further harm to the environment.

Items left after a storm need to be bagged and disposed of.

Storm Damage Cleanup

This picture shows the level of debris a storm left after it passed though. Here at SERVPRO of Hoboken/Union City and Lower Manhattan we take joy in helping the community so we aided in the cleanup post storm. 

Servpro is here to help regardless of the weather outside.

Let's Weather This Storm Together!

It's no secret that storms are the root of many evils like damage to your property etc. We want to help you weather any storm and remember that SERVPRO is #heretohelp.